National climbing school – is a professional mountaineering and trekking training institution founded in 2018 by the Forest Service to provide systematic mountaineering services at the national level and to foster a healthy and safe mountaineering culture.

In November 2016, construction began on the National Climbing School, in December 2017 the completion of construction, and in December 2018 the opening of the National Climbing School. The completion of the construction of an artificial climbing wall took place in November 2020

The National School of Climbing, as a specialized educational institution, provides educational services in mountaineering and mountain forest trekking.

Comfortable dormitories can accommodate 76 people, there is also a library and a dining room for 56 visitors. All evacuation standards were followed for the safe use of hostels. A space of culture and education was created, which is aimed not only at education, but also at maintaining the health of young people and creating a cultural space. Educational programs are being implemented, with the help of which everyone can learn easily and fun.

The National School of Climbing offers safe outdoor climbing training programs that are suitable for families, teens and children alike. They also present courses of varying difficulty up to a course for professionals.

In November 2020, the creation of an artificial stone climbing wall was completed according to the standards of the international federation.

The climbing wall was created following the example of the Olympic sports climbing wall in Tokyo.

The climbing wall includes external walls of varying difficulty, high-speed walls, an artificial sheer rock, and an interactive 12Climb bouldering climbing wall with LED lighting.

In the future, the National School of Climbing will use the climbing wall for training and teaching various types of climbing and in the field of professional education for sport climbing.

As a result, the school will become a landmark in Gangwon Province (a province in eastern South Korea with a center in Chuncheon) and a center for international exchange and training of athletes from around the world.

The National Climbing School continues its activities for the entire nation, from amateurs to professionals, with the aim of promoting the culture of climbing and the happiness of citizens.

Information obtained from video, translated from Korean by Margo Zainchkovskaya