The new functionality of our 12Climb climbing app is already LIVE at Play Market and App Store 🔥

What is new in this update?


Batch deletion of routes

The most important thing in the climbing app is the relevance of the route information in the gym. At the climbing wall there is always a rotation of routes. Routesettters turn new routes and shoot old ones. Accordingly, the process of adding and removing routes should be simple and fast. Earlier we wrote about how to quickly and efficiently use our technology of QR tags for adding routes.

And now in the new update it will be easy and quick to remove twisted routes. Everything is quite simple, how to delete several letters in a mailer.

The administrator or routesetter of the gym selects routes (clicking on the circle with the category) that he wants to delete and clicks on the “Trash” button. The number of routes selected for deletion is also displayed at the top of the screen. After that, confirm the deletion and that’s it! Thus, you can easily clear the gym of the “old” routes.

Changing quotes

In the new version of the application, you can choose one of our quotes yourself when you share your results on social networks. Well, as before, you can attach your photo from the gallery or take a picture with the camera.

To change quotes, you just need to click on the image of the inscription.

Video grades and ratings

In the new release, we have changed the appearance of the routes list in the gym. Now you will be able to scroll through the list to immediately see the rating of the route, and also, if the route has a video of the climb, there will be a corresponding mark. In the Route Info section, you can view it.
These video tips will always be useful for climbers, especially if they cannot climb the route.

In the New Year, even more new useful functionality awaits you. Send all comments and suggestions to us at