The new functionality of our 12Climb climbing app is already LIVE at Play Маркет and App Store 🔥

What is new in this update?


Client feedback

Feedback is very important for both the climbing gym owners and clients. By understanding their pros and cons, gym managers will be able to improve the service they provide.

The gym can regularly create questionnaires that will be offered for filling out to visitors for a certain period.
Clients of the climbing gym after training can quickly leave their feedback on the services of the climbing gym in the application. An example of such feedback is shown in the screens.

All scores are grouped in the climbing gym analytics. This allows the owners of climbing gyms to make quick decisions to develop and correct certain mistakes or to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Category colors

Several improvements have been made in the display of routes and gym descriptions.

Now each gym can adjust the color of the category in accordance with its own classifier. It will be even easier for climbers to navigate in your gym. And in the description of the climbing gym, there will always be a hint of which color belongs to which category.

A new look of route statistic and reviews

We also updated the Info section for routes. Now you can see who and when passed the route and what grade or category they put.


Share training results on social media

Now all climbers have the opportunity to share their training results with friends on social networks. You can add your photo, and the application will automatically generate statistics of your workout. It will also allow gym owners to hold various themed promotions and giveaways among those who share their workout, etc.
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