Are you a gym owner?

We had developed the application with the thought of making it a convenient tool for climbing gym management.

Route management

Add routes to the app with QR tags. Help others to log their activity & navigate through gym


No more papers. Live rating, different level groups and custom filters


A plenty of information about your visitors preferences, routes and routesetters



  • Basic gym managment
  • Unlimited routes
  • Unlimited users
  • 1$ for Event User
Add gym


  • (59$ with Annual suscription)
  • Advanced Gym Managment (QR tags, videos, etc.)
  • Gym roles and Confirmed routes
  • Full analytics
  • Event widgets
  • Custom footer
  • 100 free Event users
  • 0,5$ for next Event users

Premium Features


Activity tracking
  • Navigation through gym routes
  • Category, name, image and routesetter of a route
  • New routes indication
  • Log your activity with Flash, Redpoint or Attempt
  • Fast swipe logging
  • Category
  • Color
  • Routes without attempts
  • Gym confirmed routes
  • Global ranking list
  • Gym ranking list (with gender and level categories)
  • Sign up with Google of Facebook
  • Detailed gym info
  • 12Climb board managment


Route managment
  • QR tags
  • Different category systems
  • Create your own routes
  • Gym sectors
  • Gym plan
  • Holds color for routes
  • Convinient visualization of routes
  • Easly manage your climbing competitions, events and challenges
  • Add routes with appropriate category
  • Routesetter role for Events. Event admin can add Routesetters – only they can add/delete/edit event routes
  • You can add separate routes for different user groups (Beginner, Amateur, Pro, etc.)
  • Judge routes. Need to be confirmed by judges. Event admin can add juges and validation codes for them.
  • Convenient edit of Event participant list (confirmation, group/level)
  • Fast swipe logging
  • Live ranking list in the app. Separate rating for genders, groups, best N attempts.
  • Live ranking list in web application.
  • You can embed ranking list to your website.
  • User activities (day, week, month)
  • Count of visitors
  • Average count of attempts
  • Routes count
  • Day of week activity
  • Recommended routes based on users activity
  • Routestters and their routes count
  • Routesetters popularity
  • Users analytics (gender, country, ages and etc.)
  • You can add routesetters into the gym
  • Operation hours, gym info, website, etc.
  • Navigation to the gym
  • Gym facilities
  • General gym routes info (count and categories)
  • Custom footer image (promote your gym through users sharings)

Our Clients Stories

Learn how gym owners and gym administrators around the globe use 12Climb app for climbing gym management.

“We are one of the biggest climbing gyms in Kyiv, Ukraine. The 12Climb application help us with routesetting management. Custom developed analytics provide us all information we need.”

Climbing SPACE
Climbing SPACE
Innovative climbing center

“12Climb helps our clients to navigate through 200+ routes in 7 sectors. We have hundreds of climbers on our events and competitions. It's so easy to manage them in the application.”

LIMESTONE climbing
LIMESTONE climbing
Biggest boulder in Moscow

“We are small climbing gym located in the university campus. However we have a community of climbers whom trains and have a fun together. 12Climb helps us to increase profits by maintaining desire of climbers to competite which makes them more climbaholic.”

Climbing gym

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