QR-tags functionality from 12Climb

Reusable plastic cards with QR tags significantly increase the involvement of climbers in marking their climb activity in climbing gym. Gym’s logo, QR-code of the route, name of the route (number) are placed on the card, and the color of the card indicates the level of difficulty.

Example of plastic cards with a QR tag

The application has a built-in QR scanner, which quickly and easily allows you to open the route by scanning the desired QR-tag.

User opening a route through a QR scanner

QR-tags make it easy to add routes with routesetters in the 12Climb app. It is enough to scan the tag and if the route with the name on the tag is not yet in the gym, the process of adding a route will automatically start. This allows you to avoid duplicates in the gym, all routes will be with a unique name.  

Adding a route with a routesetter in the 12Climb application via a QR scanner