What is 12C Board school?

School edition of 12Climb board - an interactive climbing wall with a size of 3x4 meters, which has holds with backlight and controlled by a mobile application through Bluetooth. Specially designed for children from the age of 5 or beginner climbers with routes complexities from 4a to 6b

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12Climb Board school

  • For children from 5 years
  • Does not require professional climbing skills from teachers
  • Easy to fold, which makes it impossible to use without a teacher
  • The 30 cm height pad area under the climbing wall
  • Can be installed in any gym
  • Attaches to the wall and does not interfere with other activities
  • Sectional design of pads – easily folded
  • Activities for a large number of children
  • New exercises/routes are added in the 12Climb app all the time
  • Various exercises and routes
  • Climbing holds illumination is intuitively clear to children
  • Competitions, events, and challenges
  • The possibility of organizing a climbing section

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Examples of installed boards

School #102, Kyiv, Ukraine
Technical lyceum, Kyiv, Ukraine
School #274, Kyiv, Ukraine
School #221, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Our Clients Stories

Learn how gym owners and gym administrators around the globe use 12Climb app for climbing gym management.

“We are one of the biggest climbing gyms in Kyiv, Ukraine. The 12Climb application help us with routesetting management. Custom developed analytics provide us all information we need.”

Climbing SPACE
Climbing SPACE
Innovative climbing center

"Physical education lessons have become more interesting, children are looking forward to classes on the 12Climb rock and the teachers are happy, because climbing is well suited for children, it harmoniously develops both physical strength and physical activity and requires not only good physical shape, but also maximum use logic, ingenuity and non-standard solutions. "- Alexander Poshelyuzhny, director of school №45

Школа №45, Київ
Школа №45, Київ

“We are small climbing gym located in the university campus. However we have a community of climbers whom trains and have a fun together. 12Climb helps us to increase profits by maintaining desire of climbers to competite which makes them more climbaholic.”

Climbing gym

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