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Compact size

12Climb Home suitable for any apartment, house, garage or place where size matters (total size 2500х2500mm)

12Climb Home DIY Kit

$€ 2850

  • 154 holds
  • LED system
  • Board frame, pre-drilled & painted panels
12Climb Home (Holds + Leds)

$€ 2150

  • 154 holds
  • LED system

What's inside the box?

The 12Climb Home DIY Kit contains all components to complete your 12Climb Home build. Assembly requires basic carpentry skills and tools.

  • 12Climb LED System
  • Easy to assemble steel frame kit
  • 12Climb DIY Panels
    • Panels made from 18mm plywood
    • Pre drilled and t-nutted for use with metric M10 bolts
    • LED light holes pre drilled
    • 12Climb graphics painted or custom color from pallete
  • 154 holds
  • Metric M10 bolt kits for holds
  • Assembly instruction

Know more

The 12Climb Home is specially designed for your home or any place where size matters. With compact 2,5m x 2,5m size and 15° angle, it has all features of classic 12Climb board.

We are guarantee to set up at least 1000 problems from professional routesetters till 12Climb Home will be installed at your home.

You can climb 1000+ routes, create your own problems and share them with the world. Specially designed symmetric holds layout will allow you to use 12Climb Home as a campus board. With the 12Climb you can track your climbing activity, analyze your day-week-month statistic and track calories depends on your fit.

Assembly requires basic carpentry skills and tools. If you have any doubts regarding the construction, please contact us or seek professional advice.

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